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Hairstyles For Summer - Part 4: "Braided Warrior"

May 21, 2018
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“Braided Warrior”

Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Dylan

Model: @kenzieharr

Perfect For:

  • Going on a light jog
  • Extreme brunching
  • An easy runway look off the runway 

As Loved ByRunway Models/Designers

    Tools Used:

    • Curling Iron 
    • Flat Iron
    • Small Bristle Brush
    • Rat-tail Comb
    • Hair Elastic

    Products Used: Texture Spray (in powder form)

    Hair Accessories: Glitter Spray


    1. Create a waved base, using curling iron and flat iron to add bends. Add texture to crown and strands by ‘fuzzing’ up the hair.
    2. Prep hair with Thick Spray.
    3. Gather hair to the back, leaving pieces around the face.
    4. Braid hair into Dutch or French braid, making it tight at first. Secure with hair elastic.
    5. Use your artistry to pull apart braid (best to butterfly out the ends).
    6. Fuzz up hair with bristle brush, and pull pieces around the head to keep it relaxed and festival-friendly.
    7. Apply Texture Spray, especially to bangs (“money pieces!”).
    8. Use rat-tail comb to pull out additional strands from braid, for an even more ‘undone’ look.
    9. Add Glitter Spray for some glam!

    For more hair tips, tricks, and styles follow Chris Dylan on Instagram @chrisdylanhair

    Published on  Updated on