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Hairstyles For Summer - Part 2: "Chill Hair Twist"

April 30, 2018
Hairstyles For Summer - Part 2: "Chill Hair Twist" - Sugarbear Vitamin Care
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“Chill Hair Twist”

Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Dylan

Model: @kenzieharr

Perfect For:

  • Casual events
  • Date nights
  • Whenever you want to slay 😉

As Loved By:

  • Red Carpet Celebrities

Tools Used:

  • Curling Iron
  • Flat Iron
  • Small Bristle Brush
Products Used:
  • Pomade Mousse
  • Texture Spray

Hair Accessories: Barrettes or Pins


  1. Slightly wave the hair, with iron and pomade, for a good texturized base.
  2. Gather hair low in the back of head and twist clockwise. Pull twist apart a little bit for an ‘undone’ affect.
  3. Fold twist up against head.
  4. Secure with detailed barrettes or cool pins/accessories.
  5. Pull desired pieces out around face and hairline for an undone look.
  6. Add pomade and mold pieces around the face to create texture. You can use a small bristle brush to ‘fuzz’ up the pieces for added, effortless texture.

For more hair tips, tricks, and styles follow Chris Dylan on Instagram @chrisdylanhair

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