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Hairstyles For Summer - Part 1: "Festival Waves"

April 30, 2018
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“Festival Waves”

Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Dylan

Model: @kenzieharr

Perfect For:

  • Outdoor parties this summer
  • Music festivals
  • Casual outings

As Loved By:

  • The ‘IT Girl’ / Model Off-Duty

Tools Used:

  • Bigger Curling Iron (1 ¼”)
  • Smaller Curling Iron (1”)
  • Flat Iron
  • Blow Dryer
  • Small Bristle Brush

Products Used:

  • Pomade Mousse
  • Texture Spray

Hair Accessories: Decorative or Bobby Pins


  1. Prep hair with Pomade Mousse, applying thoroughly.
  2. Rough dry hair, just so the product dries.
  3. Taking circular sections, curl hair using ‘twist & pull’ motions to wave hair. Don’t leave the iron on too long, so hair can remain relaxed. Start with a smaller iron, then a larger iron on some strands for added dimension.
  4. Follow up with a flat iron, running it over strands (basically, relax anything too ‘curly’ or ‘done’ looking). Use artistic eye to manipulate hair into desired placement.
  5. Butterfly out the hair, applying Texture Spray simultaneously.
  6. Finish by detailing out pieces with Pomade. On select strands, grab the ends and push up for instant volume.
  7. Add hair accessories for additional drama and visual texture.

For more hair tips, tricks, and styles follow Chris Dylan on Instagram @chrisdylanhair

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