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Hairstyles For Summer - Part 3: "Hot AF Topknot"May 14, 2018 · SugarBear Hair

“Hot AF Topknot”

Celebrity Hairstylist Chris Dylan

Model: @kenzieharr

Perfect For:

  • Weekday shopping
  • Going to and from the gym
  • Casual outdoor events

As Loved By:

  • Gwen Stefani
  • Kendall Jenner
  • Rita Orta
  • Julianne Hough

    Tools Used:

    • Curling Iron (1¼")
    • Flat Iron
    • Big Brush
    • Small Bristle Brush
    • Hair Elastic
    • French Pins (and/or Corkscrew Pin)

    Products Used: Thick Spray

    Hair Accessories: Decorative Screw (for Knot!)


    1. Prep hair by waving with flat iron/curling iron.
    2. Load up hair with Texture Spray for grip.
    3. Gather hair at top of the head and secure with a hair elastic or bungee.
    4. Slightly back comb "pony tail."
    5. Tie into a knot and secure with french pins and corkscrew pin.
    6. Add in beautiful hair accessory and pull pieces (our fave thing) to keep the style relaxed and undone.
    7. Add Thick Spray to pieces around hair to finish.

    For more hair tips, tricks, and styles follow Chris Dylan on Instagram @chrisdylanhair